28 January 2007


Photographer: Mikael Jansson

This image gnaws at me like time torments a sinner. It is the itch one
can't reach, a book with the last chapter torn out.

A veritable enigma.

I study and I see another casket on a pedestal to the right of the tracks
as well, yet it seems open...though I know not what is within. There is
a candle and vague objects atop the closed one.

Is this a vigil? A protest? A memorial?
And what purpose do these
funerary boxes flank the dolly tracks…tracks that end at a movable wall,
a docking bay, a shipping/receiving door?

I look for an answer to my questions within the letters upon the shade
above the plant…they are backwards, I think.

Tysta rum av tid

But I do not know the language. And the surrounding elements offer no
help. If only I could tap the lone figure on the shoulder, ask a few discreet
questions, share the Moment. Maybe there is a flier in the handbag. An
explanation on the lips. An understanding passed between eyes.

I am lost.
Hands & face against the glass.
An outsider looking in.

Silence, yes.
But a Roaring Silence, I think.

Matthew T. Joyce ( Silence)

Picture first published at the F blog: 11 November 2006


jeanne said...

a roaring silence -- that's it exactly. Perhaps those tracks lead to fire?

We'll see.

Thank you Urbano, for changing the photograph. I was thinking our Friend Mathew T had over-indulged . . .

a wonderful text coupled with a wonderful image.

mikael said...

I´m deeply touched of that one of my photos awakes so many thoughts, that means that I´ve succeeded and that´s the best mark one could get.
Many thank´s for your fine words!

F said...

Yes, I adore this one...a roaring silence...yes it certainly is.