28 January 2007

Suburban blues

photo: abeku


M.T. said...

I told Jake and Elwood:
Remember the place where Mr Äleklint shot a picture - "Tarkini´s door" and that stuff?
Yep, they said.
Just go west from there and meet up with abeku.
But what for??
He´s a photographer dammit. Your car!

j. s-g. said...

Reminds me strongly of the aesthetics of Robert Frank's American journey.

Beautiful vision you got, Anders!

jeanne said...

yes, I am thinking from here I could be a Dharma Bum once more, or maybe Dylan will happen by and yell out "If I were tickled by the rub of love . . . " or the other Dylan would whine and wail about the wind -- and I would be that discontented age once more, and this car and this house would represent all that had made me and all that I want to run from.

I guess that's why we call images like this evocative . . .

F said...

There is a suburban feeling in this I very much fancy...a sensation of a sleeping suburb. The car is the connection to the city, to the life.

Wonderful tones and tunes!


mikael said...

That light is just great!