27 January 2007

just east of eden...

According to some
sometime in the beginning
man was expelled from paradise
tasting the forbidden fruit. And Adam
blamed it all on Eve. And Eve blamed the snake.

According to others
the genes rule our life,
decide how we act, how we live
and how we die.
Changing the genes will cure deceases,
make us live longer.
And above all be happier.
They blame it all on our messy DNA.

Then we have those that blame the constellation of stars,
The ones that blame the west, the east, the white, the black, the red, the yellow, the green ones from mars, the weather, the companies, the parents, the kids, the government, the media….

We humans seems to be very good at that,
pointing fingers.
Blaming someone else.

According to the evolution theories,
the human hand was an adaption to the extensive use of tools.
And the benefits those tools provided in the natural selection process.

I rather suspect
our hands and fingers is a natural consequence
of all that blaming-by-pointing.

photos and thoughts: christofer grandin


F said...

Well Christofer,
I have a grand name for this disease. It is called attribution theory sometimes. When something is bad, it is someone elses fault. But successes are all our own, caused only by myself. :)

Seriously, I think it is quite wise, a survival reflex. In this world of superhuman forces. We are really quite powerless.

Thanks for an interesting reflection! Cheers, C

F said...

lovely. lovelylovelylovely!

mikael said...

Your photos and words always fit so well together, time for a bookrealese soon....