27 January 2007

Emotional photography (2)


Blessed work

Well, here are a few more, a continuation of my previous posting here.



mats äleklint said...

Yes very emotional to me, like them all, but the first one is magical, absolutly wonderful1

F said...

Great photography, and contrary to Mats my heart belongs to the third one, the cigaretts and the reflections of the balcony bars, what a melancholy in that one, what an amont of thoughts that ashtray holds.



Lina said...

What happened to your chest?

chrisw1r said...

Oh, it looks quite worse than it was. :) I only scratched myself in the shower, with a normal brush (no scars, I promise!).
But being a "emotional photo" period, it did carry an emotional significance to me, it was the way I felt about it at the time.