05 February 2007

Im the man you dont meet everyday

But within the dark
There is a shine
One tiny spark
That's yours and mine


ulf said...

We will hire you Macellroy!

dr u said...

Hey Macallrey
You can work part time??
free sandwiches?

darren said...


L.P said...

I´m so sorry Sir. Cuz I don´t belive in the internet. I´ve heard it´s the Devils playground. And that´s bad.
Little Panda

Mr Löfberg said...

yes, yes..it´s bad
but how about free sandwiches AND free coffee?

jeanne said...

Little Panda, I do believe that you've caught Thelordgodalmighty as well as a couple of sinners of some position -- lovely teeth on those girls, don't you think?

Dr T. said...

Welcome to the funnyfarm Little Panda!

We have so much to discuss...

so much...