19 February 2007


slowly slowly
disintegrate in to
thin thin air
become one
lose touch


F said...

When will we see a picture from you that isn't a selfportrait? Probably the same time as Markus Anderssons posts a picture that doesn't make people think about killing them self. And probably about the same time as we see a picture by Jeanne Wells which isn't cropped in a square. And perhaps about the same time we see F. Skott publish a photoshop-edited picture of a goodlooking blond in a thong? And maybe just about the time you see me publish a picture about how it feels to be a 50 year old man.

This commenting-thingy is starting to ge to me!


darren said...

The text and the image ((particularly the facial expression)) work their melodies beautifully together. Have you ever thought of putting words, music and images together? Just a thought :) Love this! :)