09 February 2007

from Monika


Monika Brand was our invited guest in
October 2006 with a very charming set
of pictures. I am glad to have you back Monika. For those of you who can´t
get enough of Monika´s pictures check out her brand new site! - urbano

Diva in the pool

Nude with plant



All pictures by Monika Brand


Anonymous said...

Love Tango...love this picture...it has the spirit...want to go to Buenos Aires to see more !


john said...

It's so nice to see Monika here - so good to see these images.. she has a way of seeing that I think is special .. deep ..

Jacek Gasiorowski said...

very nice works, i was visting her website with pleasure also

matthew said...

A sheer delight.
Moni is one of those rare photographers who seem to bring a freshness of the eye to every image she encounters.
I tire of her images...

matthew said...

Please insert the word "never" between "I" & "tire".

(Big OOPS!)

jeanne said...

great work as always, Moni -- and good to see it here in the F Blog again!


urbano said...

so what about Mr Subterranean
Haven´t heard from you lately
of course Monika is great
she is one of the best out there!

j. s-g. said...

So very nice to see you here again, Monika!

joanna said...

'diva in the pool' is a true masterpiece!!!!

Rollx said...

Wawaweewa ! Lilly probably makes every picture beautiful. It would be intresting if you photograph her in a ugly enviroment, for example on a garbage dump, or ! maybe on a scrapyard. Perhaps a intresting contrast ?!.

F said...

I love these, the presence in the Lily portrait stunns me!

Lovley work Monika!


Anonymous said...

thanks so much everybody!
It's a great pleasure to have some of my photos here on this great site!
Many thanks to you, dear Ulf.
@ rollx
yes, great idea. I'll do this and post here, ok? :)
all my best
to all of you

Rollx said...

Moni. Im glad that you liked the idea, :) maybe you make something of it, or not. Anyway im looking forward to your next set of pictures.