09 February 2007

gruppo F inbox - Karin Stenvall


john said...

beautiful image ..

Anonymous said...

magic och magi i samma moln av krita. In the same cloud. Even the sound of the hands togeter. The moment visible well done with this picture.../paa

j. s-g. said...

I have long thought of using flour in photography, not only in baking. This really gets me going in that direction!

Great photo.

ulf said...

the magic of still photography
love it

Rollx said...

A very "good" picture, using simple means (crayon and flour).

The fridge is full of intresting grocerys to experiment with. :)

Goooo nuts !!

joanna said...


F said...

Yeah, this was beautiful.
My cats are in grave danger
after seeing this picture!

F said...

the cloudmaker!

I love this!

Carolina said...

magical!!... love everything about it, the expression, the hands, the white dust... welldone ;)