17 February 2007

Humble Arts Foundation

Gruppo F receives a growing number of emails concerning exhibitions
and various activities in the field of photography. If we like it, we will
publish it. This came in yesterday.

Two new shows currently on
display at http://humbleartsfoundation.org

group show no. 12
This month's group show, now narrowed to 18 (formerly 24) photographers,
largely explores the anomalies of man-made environments. Grant Willling
turns landscape into portrait with his vertical shot of a towering pine tree
while Jeremy Sheldon places a painted landscape before a "real" tree in
a twice-removed reference. This show also features Juliana Beasley,
Felix R. Cid, and Lucas Blalock, among others.

Introducing solo show
Each month, solo show exhibits 16-24 photographs from a photographer
previously featured in group show, departing from the one-image-per
-photographer format to showcase adeptly curated, long-term, focused
bodies of work. The premier show exhibits the work of New York
based photographer Rachelle Mozman, who examines the lives of young
children living in isolated “exurban” development communities in
New Jersey and Panama.

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