17 February 2007

invited guest: Tiberio Fanti (part one)

I am glad to present pictures and texts on The F Blog from a truly devoted
photographer; Tiberio Fanti from Italy. I enjoy
his work a lot. Let´s listen
to what he´s got to say:

(invited by ulf fågelhammar)

Résumé My name is Tiberio Fanti; I’ll be forty next May. I took consciousness
of the importance of photography some
time after I met a fellow student,
at the University of Rome,
who introduced me to the whole traditional
chemical process.
Unfortunately I could not build my own darkroom for several
reasons - money and space above all -, that’s why I began taking photography
in serious consideration only after I could handle a
digital camera, at the
beginning of year 2000.
I must confess that my training period didn’t come
out really
exciting: I was tempted several times to give it all up.

my academic studies I had faced several times optics and digital
signal processing but this never gave me the opportunity to take better
photographs or achieve better images with accurate digital
After the inevitable equipment upgrade to a
digital reflex, I started considering
the setup of a tiny showcase
of my preferred works.

So I started studying some basics of web design and opened my window
to the world.
Few months after my website was up and running, during a job
travel in Norway, casting boringly my eyes on a newsstand at Oslo central
station, I discovered B&WP Magazine. Back in my office in
Milan, I wrote a
message to the magazine director, wishing to get
a feedback on my current
artwork. She answered me she would
have given a look to it but I didn’t get
a feedback till March 2006,
when I received an e-mail from an Italian B&WP
reader, who was
complimenting with me for being featured “website of the
What came after are just few more compliments and several nights
of rethinking and reassembling of my previously done work, including
the images presented here.
(Website: http://www.tiberiofanti.it/)

Please, enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I will follow you here too !!!! Your work is inspiring....make me take the camera....and go out !!!!


j. s-g. said...

Welcome to the F blog! Very nice to have you here!

joanna said...

beathtaking shots! excellent light in your pictures that really make the things look different than "in dailylife". complimenti e buona fortuna Tiberio!!!

mats äleklint said...

Very emotional and interesting, love it!

darren said...

Gush...atmospheric bliss! Thanks for sharing!!!