18 February 2007

the old factory

Scharins was always my home since the first time I set my foot there.

The old factory that nobody would even care about, a area with a
contaminated ground that would cost so much to renovate. I spent
a lot of time there not really bothering the toxic ground
and a lot
of other things.
But the fact that the company that I was working at
was sacking
personel and preparing to fire even more people
made me feel at
home at the old industrial ground with its history.

I came to meet many different persons there, everything from young
people painting the walls unaware of the history there to old people that
had actually been there during the strikes in the 1930s.
Still - to me it´s
a great mixture of people trying to find themselves no
matter from what
generation. To me it meant a lot because deep inside
history was still
alive within all the people I came to meet.

Pictures and text by Örjan Fredriksson


Ulf said...

I like the story, I like the pictures, I want more from Scharins

joanna said...

awesome shots. nice to have such beautiful photos in our inbox. thanks for sharing!!!