18 February 2007


photo: Owen O´Meara


Mary C. Mitchell said...

Sad and beautiful.

Owen said...


Thanks for the look and comment.


urbano said...

a great picture
I like it a lot

Owen said...

Many thanks Urbano. It was a productive shoot.


Rollx said...

She looks so sad. Or maybe shes shy of the camera ?.

Owen said...


Actually she was just thinking about the next shot and I took this as a candid. It probably turned out better than anything we could have planned. Thanks for the look and comment.


Carolina said...

i like the way that light enter the space and iluminates her bare foot as the rest of the body stays in shadow, like shrunked.

Owen said...


It was one of those days when the sun hit the corner of the skylight for about thirty seconds and I was lucky enough to be there.