10 April 2007

invited guest: Lars Tunbjörk

According to me Lars Tunbjörk is one of the most interesting contemporary photographer’s. His famous book Landet utom sig is both humorous and utterly serious – a truly amazing portrait of Sweden. Now I am proud to present Tunbjörk on the F blog with six photographs from his coming book I love Borås! The photographs are from 1989-1995. I love Borås! is released and photographs from it are exhibited at Galleri Kontrast, Stockholm, 14 April 2007, 12.00 and onwards. For more information about I love Borås, see www.maxstrom.se

"Arlanda stad". © Lars Tunbjörk.

"Borås". © Lars Tunbjörk.

"Ullared". © Lars Tunbjörk.

"Lindvallen". © Lars Tunbjörk.

"Orminge". © Lars Tunbjörk.

"Ullared". © Lars Tunbjörk.

Invited by Fredrik Skott


joanna said...

that's perfect use of flash! perfect compositions and so COOL stories! i can't stop staring at this set. grand!!!!

ulf said...

Borås is like the soul of Sweden is it not - for good or for worse.
The picture from Ullared with the exhausted children is magnificent.
Borås is also Elfsborg to me. I remember reading about Göran Kummelstedt (I think that was his name) when I was a kid. He played in Elfsborg and he had only one kidney.
Fascinating pictures all of them!

abeku said...

Yes, this is grand. You know how to tell a good story, Lars! This really captures the state of our nation.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting pictures. I must get your photobook!

C said...

Welcome to our blog, Lars. I sure need to get my hands on this book indeed, I especially like to dog by the pool. :)

j. s-g. said...

Very much in style of the Tunbjörk spirit of making photographs - of course. Great to see some new work from you, Lars!

Instantly recognisable and always equally thrilling.

Anonymous said...

Dråpliga samtidiga verkliga. Magnolia idyll som tom lekplats. Uttröttade barn i de vuxnas köptempel. Lejonen i
parkliknande plantering. Glada hunden
i allas bassäng. Det blixtrade medljuset gör det sanningsenligt. Här gäller det att mäta pupill och förvåning.
Very effective method. A good story really. Strange but obvius fragments made visible!

Markus said...

Disturbingly funny and beautiful in a strange way. Your vision never stops to amaze me.

marcin said...

I learnt about your work from Markus, watching your album was a real adventure. I was looking forward to see your works here. Pure pleasure, thank you

Jesper said...

A Swedish review of "I Love Borås!" can be read at Nittonde Stolen: http://www.nittondestolen.se/2007/04/dm-inte-boken-efter-omslaget.html