11 April 2007

Happy birthday Ulf


F said...

is today HIS birthday??? Mine was yesterday -- go figure, two peas in a pod.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthdays to both of you.
Jasså unge man, unga Urbano. Och Lina sen vilken bild.

Vänligen i natten...(paa

abeku said...

...and mine was two days ago.

mikael said...

Greetings to everyone then and just a reminder....mine is in august

mr u said...

Two peas in a pod, yeah
Congratulations dear Jeanne!
And Anders! What a mess. ;)

What a mysterious and beautiful woman you have captured - Mr Urbano already loves her.


marcin said...

heh, all the best for all of the doctors!

Darren said...

I'm a little late in the birthday wishes...hope everyone had a creative day :))))))