11 April 2007


TITLE: Farewell to home--emigrants bound for England and America--
on steamer at Göteborg, Sweden

CREATOR: Underwood & Underwood.

Mr Hepburns picture "Clock" made me think of how over a million people
from Sweden to America during the last half of the 19th century
and the
first decades of the 20th century. Only between 1887-1892 over
250 000 people emigrated from Sweden. They
landed in New York and many
moved on westwards.

Sweden had a population of just 4, 8 million in 1890 and most of the
people who left were young, so this was a major historic event.

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jeanne said...

for a good time, watch the movie "Wisconsin Death Trip" which is about what these folks did once they got here. It is dark and funny. Varieties of insanity, you know . . .