12 April 2007

Plant Propagation

An "Underground tree" should be treated in the same way as the plant species would naturally.
Hint: When you see a plant in underground - act normally as nothing happens!

Before initiating the process of growing the trees in your underground, tube or even trams, a new solution should be invented, to ensure that the "Plant propagation in communication" is innovative and ready to act in a public space, without the need of every passenger to carry his/her own tree.

warsaw, 04/2007


u said...

really great joanna
lil e loves it too- he likes everything
about the tunnelbana (underground)

Darren said...

I'll have to introduce some, greenfly, ladybirds, and other 'fauna' to these plants...get a little ecosystem going. Turn the carraige into a 'Noah Ark' whilst I'm there, one or two giraffes and a hippo to start with :)))))