05 April 2007

Magic Slim, Johnny Rawls, Ian Siegal, Deborah Coleman

Magic Slim has been active on the Chicago Blues scene since mid 50s.
There are not many great bluesartists left from that era. Fortunately
you can see him live in Gothenburg tomorrow night (6th of April) and
Stockholm 17th of April. Go and see him if you can. You wont regret it.

Johnny Rawls is one of those great but underrated blues/soul artists
from USA. He is a great and very professional singer as well as guitarist.
The picture was taken in small place in Motala where he was playing for an
audience of about twenty people.

Ian Siegal is an amazing young artist (well he was born 1971) from UK.
He has been influenced by artists like Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters,
Waits and Sam Cooke. On the picture he was playing solo on his old
accustic guitar from 1929. He is gonna be a big name in
music...believe me.

This picture was taken at the same night as the Ian Siegal one, last
weekend in Linköping. Deborah Coleman will be back for a tour in Sweden
late April/beginning
of May. If you like soulful modern blues sung with a
deep voice and a
skilled guitarist...dont miss her.

/Pictures and text by Torsten Ståhlberg.
Have a look at his site for more blues artists. www.tsphoto.se

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mikael said...

Emotive and very good!