05 April 2007

Outlook - Christopher M Perez

There is a way that light appears to illuminate a subject from within
when printing to hand coated Palladium. And there are ways to manipulate
one's tools to create something that the mind "sees". When combined,
every now and then, an artist is fortunate enough to realize something
uniquely beautiful.

It's for these moments that I live.

/c.1948 Linhof III 5x7 folding camera (non-Technika), 210mm Schneider
Xenar f/6.1, Ilford FP4+, Kodak D76 (N+2), hand coated Palladium
to Cranes Weston Diploma


ulf said...

This is so beautiful
Many thanks for being here

mikael said...

Yes, a true beauty, an illusion to dream away in.