15 May 2007

It's just the nearness of you


U said...

Beautiful and (as for a change) honest!

F said...

Ulf, do you think my other photos are dishonest? (It's ok if you do, I understand)

urbano said...

it´s convincing and intelligent
i like it a lot
i can´t judge when a picture is honest. Honesty what´s that?
/there is another U here now and then
(I am the original..from Happydale you know...)

jeanne said...

fiction of often more true than reality. This one speaks volumes -- in fact it's singing a beautiful aria!


U said...

Sorry, the word "honest" is of course a far too strong word and doesn't reflect what I really meant. I was simply glad to see an ordinary (pure) picture that wasn't digitally manipulated or enhanced. That's all. I'm regretful that I was so blunt. I like the image a lot!
U (as in Ulf Börjesson)

penk said...

No harm done Ulf B! :)
Sadly I have to say that this image is indeed "digitally manipulated and enhanced"