16 May 2007

lunch conversation

picture by Bengt Hanson


Carolina said...

that's how we people share our face-to-face moments...talking on cellphone, watching tv...

Carolina said...

I'm actually developing a work about the subject, the influence of phone and cellphone in daily life, etc. Can I have your permission to use this photo to illustrate the text?

urbano said...

subtitle could be:
it´s so easy to communicate, nowadays
it´s so hard to communicate, nowadays

Anonymous said...

That is okay by me.

Best wishes

Carolina said...

Ok thank you so much, it will perfectly illustrate the topic about the following "cellphone: a mean to approach or alienation?"
I'll mention its title and your name. thank you again! :)
Urbano, that's it you're right!! its easier but harder to communicate nowadays, i'll put that subtitle next to the photo, thanks for the suggestion!!! :)