10 May 2007

Magdalena Sokalska: Białystok - one day

May 1st 2004 was a special day for Poland and 9 other countries of Eastern and Central Europe - first day in European Union. Group of recognised Polish photographers, motivated by Grzegorz Dąbrowski, and supported by several institutions decided to document this first day in EU on BW negatives. Action called "Białystok - one day" was lasting 24 hours. Photographers spent whole day portraiting the people, the city, the atmosphere of this special day - 3 years ago already. Today they say - it was worth to make this document.I am happy to share with you part of this project, historical pictures made by one of the participants of this event: Magdalena Sokalska. You have already a chance to see some pictures from this action made by Staszek Heyda.

Magda is talented, young Polish photographer. She finnished Warsaw School of Photography, and now terminates studies at Creative Photography Institute in Opava (Czech Republic).
Recently all of her energy she utilise for Gliwice House of Photography and organization of Gliwice Photo Month.
We'll talk of Magda soon more.

Here you can find more pictures made this day by other photographers participating in this event.
invited by Marcin Górski


ulf said...

It´s a pleasure to see these pictures
and it was for certain a historic day. So many talented photographers coming from Poland and Gliwice - your
contribution to The F Blog is important and most welcome!

dr Polkini said...

all the pictures from this series, as the former ones reminds me of poem of Czeslaw Milosz about the end of the world - same philosophy: an important day, perhaps one of most significant days in whole the history, but it's a regular day, a day like the former one and the next one, for majority of people