10 May 2007

Silence by Monika Brand

I am pleased to have Monika with us again . This is a great serie
of pictures, I am thrilled to see such good photography.
Monika says:
The story behind is very simple. I had the idea to take some
and surrealistc images in a milky bath and my beloved daughter
enthusiatic by that idea. So we did it and we were pleased by the

She forgot to mention that she used TriX for these pictures.
What else is there? Well, there is Rollei R3 for example that
she used for the medium format pictures here. ;)


ed said...

These are fantastically surreal!


mikael said...

Expressive and very nice to see here!

jeanne said...

It's great to see all of these together, Moni -- wonderful & innovative work!

Rollx said...

Great pictures Monika !.
It must feel great, that you and your daughter can work together with these photographic experiments.

Is it milk ?.