19 June 2007

Gliwice House of Photography: Michał Łuczak exhibition "Nikisz"

Gliwice House of Photography (real life arm of F blog for Southern Poland) is happy and honoured to announce and invite everybody to third exhibition.

This time Gliwice House of Photography realises the main goal of its existance - to help local talented photographers to present their work to wide public.

What: Nikisz - exhibition of Michał Łuczak's photography
When: Wensday, June 20th 6 - 9 PM
Where: Fabryka Drutu, Dubois 22, Gliwice
Why: To see fine documental photography, eat
chrust, listen to miners orchestra music, breath with Silesian air mixed with industrial dust or just feel fancy for an evening!

Many thanx to Stowarzyszenie Animatorów Wszechstronnego Rozwoju Młodzieży, who gave us the place and Wojtek Eksner from Plantacja who gave us his time, mind and hands

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jeanne said...

I love those women and their umbrella -- you know I keep hoping the wall says FUCK, but I guess it doesn't. A great photograph, I think!