19 June 2007

invited guest: Paul Hansen

The pictures of Paul Hansen shows us the world we know from the news
flashes. To me, he is one of the few photographers who manages to give
us the human perspective, to make us understand. Whether it is pictures
from the Tsunami, the war in Lebanon, people in Palestinian refugee camps
or of kids suffering from starvation, Paul Hansen gives us the human point
of view. Robert Frank once said something like " life for a photographer
cannot be a matter of indifference". Paul Hansen is not indifferent. He
has got important things to tell us. Many thanks for being here with us
at the F Blog. invited by ulf fågelhammar

All pictures by ©Paul Hansen, Age 43
Works for Dagens Nyheter, the largest daily morning paper in Sweden.
Six times Photographer of the year in Sweden. A gold medal in SNDS,
first prizes in NPPA and a few other international prizes. Author of the
book "Människa, människa."


Anonymous said...

A great invitee to the blog. Great to see some of Paul Hansen's pictures here. I recognise them from Dagens Nyheter - nice to be reminded of them again.

Anonymous said...

touching scenes, inteligently framed and presented

Anonymous said...

Impressing stuff.

thedirt said...

thanx for inviting Paul Hansen to the blog! He is one of Sweden's finest... real touching work.

mats äleklint said...

Yes, Paul Hansen is one of my favourites! Very strong images, love it.

Anonymous said...

absolutely powerful images

Anonymous said...

So good to see Hansen's work. Strong images that remain strong when time pass by.

Tiberio Fanti said...
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Tiberio Fanti said...

I'm proud of having collaborated with a blog like this, where my humble shots are now shown beside so strong and loud-speaking testimonial of the "world's wrongs".


Anonymous said...

I think that it is very good to see here thease photographs in oposit formalistic pic. without any story, which sometimes are published on F-Blog.

very good works!