04 June 2007

invited guest: Tread

Photographs are a form of reference. Where you were, who was there,
what you were doing. But on occasion, as art, photographs transcend
mere reference and like a great song, can make that moment "something
more." That "something more" is the ongoing motivation
within my work.

I am but a self-taught photographer and self-proclaimed smart-ass. When not
wasting film in musty, archaic, plastic toy cameras, long
sleepless nights are
spent watching bad movies with titles like
"The World’s Greatest Sinner" and
"Blood Feast." These bad movies
and their zero budget cinematography, no
doubt, have influenced
my work in some way, but so has fellow Kentuckian
Ralph Eugene Meatyard.

Black & White and Color photography, captured non-digitally, printed
traditionally using (gasp) silver and paper. Themes in obvious dichotomy.
Intimacy vs. Isolation. Love vs. Indifference. Here vs. There. I want to
convey a "southern-ness" in my work without using a sledgehammer.
I am preaching that "The South" isn't a cliche' ridden also-ran of a culture,
more than any other place on earth it is full of subtle beauty, wonderful
characters and strange wonder. I am the South, my children are,
we all are...or should be.

Tread was edumacated at the University of Kentucky. He can't find his
BS Degree in Computer Science from back when Fortran meant something...
or did it ever really? He barely eeks by as a graphic designer and marketing
dork in the healthcare world.
No, I will not shoot your wedding.

web: www.gotreadgo.com
blog: http://gotreadgo.blogtog.com
email: tread[at]gotreadgo.com

Pictures and text by Tread
invited by ulf fågelhammar


Anonymous said...

You're a man after my own heart, Tread. And I like your photos!


Anonymous said...

you capture the pieces of life, of real life of real people, this is the approach I really appreciate

Anonymous said...

you show us "something more" in these pictures
many thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for such kind words. I am honored to grace the space...

F said...

I really really like this Treat. Thanks alot for showning this here!


Zuan said...

amazing photos, good work!

Darren said...

Yes, I can detect a Ralph Eugene Meatyard 'flavour' here, but also your own particular 'sauce'...fascinating work!!!

Anonymous said...

fantastic set, so wet and funny somehow. thanks for sharing!