07 July 2007

Hello Everybody

I would like to thank you very much for invitation.
I hope that things which I will publish on this blog will inspire you much.

Since a long time the photography has become for me not only the goal itself
but it just accompanies me through my life.

The photography is a very personal way to express myself which touches all
aspects of my existance I come across in my life.

Picture which I show comes from the new story I am working on. This is picture of my friend who, just like me, finishes an important stage in his life. Each of us thinks “what’s next?”. Peter maybe will become pharmaceutical sales representative or will start work in marketing department in motor company. This can be the future.

The photography stays in the past. Even though the picture can tell the story about somebody's dreams or about important and universal moments in our lives.


ulf said...

"a personal way to express myself"
I love that Staszek
A warm welcome from Mr Urbano!
(Now I just have to work on
how to spell your name correctly)

Anonymous said...

>(Now I just have to work on
>how to spell your name correctly)

if you want to you can use "Stanley" ;)


uffe said...

Hi Stan.
No, I will have to learn some Polish you know

marcin said...

Staszek (pron: Stasheck) I am so happy to see your works here! looking forward to see the wave of your essays and pictures at the blog :)