06 July 2007

One photo at the begining..

Hi, Thanks for inviting me to F Blog.
I would like to say hallo by showing you an old photograph of my Grandmother as a young girl.
I'm looking at the picture and I see my fathers' face. It gives me the sense of nostalgy, but also allows me to remember something (someone) I really didn't know.. That's again when I realize what a great power photography is.
It's all obvious of course, but you have to admit that it can give us a great sense of affiliation.

Funny - being a photographer myself I'm not interested in author of a photo above. Only picture touches me.


marcin said...

przepięknie, dziecko drogie...
I am truely happy to see you here

Anonymous said...

Oj oj enkelt och bra. (swedish)
Very simpel "at the desk by the window" But even more... with that expression! Writing an urgent letter or everything else important in/with life.


ulf said...

Perfect Magda
You are most welcome
Such a lovely way to say hello!

jeanne said...

Magda, welcome! And such a beautiful photograph to intorduce yourself with. It reminds me of my childhood love of photos, I would look at them for hours and hours. I learned so many things from them: poeple's lives and personalities, their loves, their losses. I learned who I wanted to be! I want to be this woman in this photograph when I gorw up!

And now I see her again, the mysterious woman I want to be. Maybe I am her now . . .

My gratitude to you for reminding me.

abeku said...

Welcome! Such a beautiful photograph. Casual shot by then, a classic by today.

mats äleklint said...

You are very welcome, great to have you here!