17 September 2007

Invited guest: Ingvar Eliasson

I came across Ingvar and his underwater poetry about five or six years ago. It´s a pleasure to be able to show this set of pictures here from Galapagos islands and from underwater Sweden. /urbano

My interest in photography grew strong already when I was a young teenager.
I managed to convince a photographer about my interest and abilities and was soon hired as an apprentice. The payment was lousy, but I got full access to a professional lab, a Hasselblad system, the lot. I worked in the studio for several years during the 70'ies, but then changed career and became a physician and scientist. In 1998 I found my way back to photography and I am now definitely hooked again - photography is my way of sharpening my vision and exploring my own creativity!

Today I am a freelance photographer, specialising in underwater photography.
When I dive the Seven Seas I never leave my camera behind. I want my pictures to convey my feelings about being underwater. They are to be considered as breathless thoughts, as silent poems, to be enjoyed by all senses. Some of them are almost abstract while some lets you meet the most magnificent (and sometimes scary) creatures of the ocean. Others let you meet frozen moments of our own history, visiting the final resting-place of ships that met their fate in the waves.

My approach to photography is intuitive, rather than technical. Nevertheless I am dependent on high-end equipment, both for diving and camera protection under water. Today I use Nikon D200 and Fujifilm S5 Pro in Seacam housings. Lenses include 10.5 mm/2.8, 17-55 mm/2.8 and 105 mm/2.8 underwater. As extra light sources, I use two Subtronic MEGA Color underwater strobes, sometimes with additional small strobes in slave mode. However I also use ambient light to a large extent, both when photographing wrecks and in shallow waters.

Pictures and text © Ingvar Eliasson


Anonymous said...

It's good to see your pictures here on the F blog, Ingvar. They are such a colourful delight.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I've fallen in love! This is fabulous work, thanks for sharing it with us, Ingvar. The penguin! The penguin!

Anonymous said...

first and second ones simply beautiful and magic! :)

Anonymous said...

yes this is wonderful Ingvar although I can´t identify the fish in the last picture. ;)

you rule the seven seas!

Anonymous said...

Oj oj rockan över sjöstjärnorna. Den svartvita bilden som ett universum där på botten.

Very nice pictures Ingvar...

Antje said...

WOW! That is magical. I love the shark image! And the penguin, of course. Fabulous work, Ingvar!