12 September 2007

Le Blurb - by Svend Videbak

Le Blurb
These pictures are just as much about drawing and painting as they are
about photography.
In a couple of cases I have finished a photographic print
by hand, to "dress" it with colour and form
in ways that I thought were needed.
In other cases I have started with a large sheet of watercolour paper, marking

out a square and filling it by drawing and painting with great speed and
spontaneity without fixating upon a
subject -- I have tried to let my hand and
heart rule, keeping my brain out of it.

Then I have taken the result,
taped it on a wall in a darkened room, and
photographed it by painting on it with a hand-held
halogen spotlight, shaping
the light with my hands during a long exposure with total spontaneity.

The results are generally an impenetrable mess. A mess, however, that begins
to come alive when I look at it on the computer after scanning the
Or not. Usually, not. These pictures, however, did come to life at least for me.
I hope they live for you as well
in a continuing flash of recognition.

Pictures and text: Svend Videbak
Titles from top:
Anatomy of a breakdown (1)
Anatomy of a breakdown (2)
Angel of mercy
Golden Jade
Just married
Portrait of a shy girl


Lina Nääs said...

Wow! This is so cool! What a great idea. The pictures look great

Jan Buse said...

Yes, great work!

Anonymous said...

so great to see your work here on the F Blog, Svend. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain the process as well, it's fascinating.

Anonymous said...

love this Svend
many thanks for being here

Anonymous said...

Howdy Sven! Either one of us need to take that ferry...
Great work!

Kepes Jozsef said...

beautiful works

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and original work!
My faves are "Angel Of Mercy", "Anatomy of a breakdown" and "Just Married", simply wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I think that art gains a lot when ones mixes draw,painting, photography &/or digital tools.

Henrik said...