25 December 2007

Photographs can lie

Tired of Christmas already? Well, here is something to refresh your brain cells. An interesting online exhibition about falsification of pictures in Soviet Union. I can´t help thinking about how easy this kind of "cloning" etc is done today. Are there any modern examples? Well, I will keep my eyes open.
Have a look at The Commissar Vanishes.



Anonymous said...

Yes apart from the propaganda I consider the pictures better in the way they where tampered!
;) .../PeA

pihl68 said...

It's not true! Photographs can't lie (or tell the true). It's just the context about the pictures that can be a lie.

The photographers and the editors, and all the people who works with pictures can lie, but not the photographs!

abeku said...

Today, it's the corporate world doing this... Lundin Oil...