25 December 2007

Photographs can lie

Tired of Christmas already? Well, here is something to refresh your brain cells. An interesting online exhibition about falsification of pictures in Soviet Union. I can´t help thinking about how easy this kind of "cloning" etc is done today. Are there any modern examples? Well, I will keep my eyes open.
Have a look at The Commissar Vanishes.



Anonymous said...

Yes apart from the propaganda I consider the pictures better in the way they where tampered!
;) .../PeA

Anonymous said...

It's not true! Photographs can't lie (or tell the true). It's just the context about the pictures that can be a lie.

The photographers and the editors, and all the people who works with pictures can lie, but not the photographs!

Exposed Material said...

Today, it's the corporate world doing this... Lundin Oil...