22 February 2008

Daily Print

photo: Jeanne Wells

Good Friday Sweden! Here is your own beautiful Djürgarden in a small liquid emulsion print as my Daily Print. For more info about my Daily Print adventures, click here.

And a special thanks to my two fabulous tour guides on the day this was taken.


Jan Buse said...

It´s friday, I´m in love!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Jeanne
no need for any german üüüü there
it´s plain Swettish you know
Yes, that day still lives and your photos too

Anonymous said...

well I knew ONE of those letters was weird -- just got the wrong one. I think my mind is gone . . .

Anonymous said...

jepp very...g, and soon all the leaves vill be back again. Like a caravan of seasons. Listen just now to Duke Ellingtons Caravan.
Per Arne