22 February 2008

Face to Face (78)

I digged out some oldies. Picture taken in 2003, while first visit of Joanna in Gliwice...

from old series "Silesian songs"


jeanne said...

ah, our old favorites! I'll always be thankful to the kids of this place for turning you into a photographer!

Umma said...

Marcin! You wonderful man, when are you publishing your photo book?

marcin said...

yes, this is right, those very kids plus some others turned me into photographer. Ihad to carry always my camera with me, they were demanding pictures, every time I stepped out :)

The book, well this picture has been already published in one book.
For serious photoalbum by myself is perhaps much too soon.
Big hugs for both of you :)

Carolina Lopes said...

no need to see the name of the author to know that it's a marcin's photograph.
it has got your mark.
very beautiful, amazing contrast, so sweet faces.