04 March 2008

Exhibition by Seeing with Photography Collective


FEB 10 - MAY 4 2008,

Regionmuseet Kristianstad, Sweden

Ben Paige

Photo: Mark Andres, swpc

"Seeing with Photography Collective is a group of photographers based in New York City who are visually impaired, sighted and totally blind. Coming from diverse backgrounds and life experiences, we share an awareness of sight loss, along with the determination to dialogue and integrate our images into a more universal context. Sighted assistants focus and compose the view camera’s frame directed by the blind artist. Then, in a darkened room, we leave the camera’s shutter open as we slowly paint our sitter with a small flashlight ...human scaled exposures, lasting many minutes, rather than the instant shutter click we typically hear. Luminous distortions, blurred or glowing forms result from the technique, not digital altering. The nature of our visual limitations can provoke any viewer or perceiver of these portraits...Is less, more? What is seeing? What does one choose to see?"

-Steven Erra, seeing with photography collective, swpc, photographs by the blind

Radiant abyss

Photo: Victorine Fludd, swpc

More info coming soon, until then go see the exhibition if you can, it´s magic, or go for a visit here

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Anonymous said...

How very interesting and fascinating
I must try to go and see it!
Many thanks for letting us know about the exhibition