09 May 2008

Docu 08: faith in the dailylife

once upon a time, when in churches common meetings had been held - the sacred space was even more holy than now. what have happened to the space of faith, the architecture of churches made for our amusement to god? it is constantly changing. tourism and consumerism have changed it forever. i'm still interested in showing what is happening in these boundaries of faith and dailylife.
made in various churches in kraków and warszawa, poland/08


Rhonda said...

Churches and how faith is shown has changed dramatically. These pictures are a beautiful documentation of how faith is still part of the daily life of some people.

ulf said...

a fine and interesting project Joanna
There are moments in this series that really stays in my mind

F said...

Joanna, this is really interesting! I would never have thought of this. Church and faith are so alien to me that this might as well have been a documentation of a moon landing. Thank you for sharing!


beatriz said...

interesting and thought-provoking photo essay. Faith...an absence that requires a structure. very good work!