20 May 2008

DOCU 08: arts & dogs

dogs are welcome in galleries of art. mainly in these galleries of modern art. there is a huge difference wheather the dog is owned by an artist, a curator or a common visitor. anyway - these are very good educated creatures :)
Warsaw / april-may

made for http://fotoartaddict.blogspot.com
("my" blog about visiting art galleries, a social impact of art, the visitors, etc. in Polish, sorry)


urbano(mr) said...

oh yes you mean the "blog about the broad perception of art."
- Gurgla said
dogs in art galleries - beware

beatriz said...

nice Docu !! and thanks for the link.

Umma said...

Fantastic documentation Joanna!

chris said...

The last one is perfect, left alone at the coathanger...damn I can feel his frustration.

fotostopowicz said...

ostatnie z serii jest rewelacyjne :)