16 May 2008

F of F

The F blog was launched in September 2006. It has been a highly appreciated meeting place where readers find that photography is the sole and obvious focus of attention, in the photographs presented, the articles published and the guests invited. It is a blog about photography, with photographs, by photographers.

The F blog is a place where the unexpected constantly happens. We, the editors, are working independently of each other assure our readers that things are moving – and not just in one direction. This is crucial for our ultimate goal, to make our readers see what they do not notice.

Since 2006 the F blog have generated more than 2500 posts. Several hundred interesting photographers from 37 different countries have been invited. Live exhibitions have been made. Projects such as DOCU 08, Trees and the un-project have been launched and the Gruppo F inbox is almost filled…

Now it is time for F of F, when we, the editors, choose some of our personal favorites from the F blog archives. Enjoy it (and if you don't, search the F blog for other photographs….).

Höganäs ©Gerry Johansson.
This picture is outstanding. But the photograph is even more amazing if one look at is as a part of the series Sverige (Sweden), which according to me is the most interesting Swedish photobook that has been printed during the last decades. Originally published at the F blog 1 December 2006.

Film scene from Rosso ©Mika Kaurismäki.
I am a huge fan of Mika Kaurismäkis movies, which inspire me a lot. Therefore I was very happy to have the possibility to invite Mika to the F blog at 11 November 2006.

Abdominal pleasures (american homes) ©Anders Blomqvist.
This photograph can't leave my mind. I find it somewhat confusing but would love to have it on my wall. First time on the F blog 5 November 2006.

Where is my mind ©Linn Tenman.
Strange and fascinating photo. And made with a pinehole camera. Published 1 October 2006

©Micke Berg.
Micke Berg is an amazing photographer. His photobooks are treasures.
If you can read Swedish, visit his blog. This picture, from Mullvaden, first appeared on the F blog
In May 11, 2006, I first saw Skorj's magical polaroids on the F blog. Then I have returned to them again and again and again.... See more of Skorj's work at www.filmwasters.com.

©Milja Laurila.
One of the series that I find most inspiring is Milja Laurila's To remember. Please check it out! Published 6 Maj 2008.
Picked by Fredrik Skott.


urbano said...

wow, what a great selection Fredrik!!
If anybody is in doubt about the great quality of this blog-just check this out! Unmatched for sure.

Mikael said...

Yes! Very good choice!!!

Anonymous said...

Superb photography !!!


abq said...

Hey! I'm honoured! Thanks!

chris said...

Great selection Fredrik!

Eugene said...

Beautiful photos.
Fantastic choice !