12 May 2008

Firenze A/R - Paolo Saccheri

I took some snapshots during my travel. Not much care about meaningful subjects, just what attracted my eye. Can those picture be considered documentary? Would you call them a document of a travel to Florence? Probably not in common sense (I didn't shoot any picture of Florence!). Reportage photography can be done with the ability of telling a story with
several pictures, in some cases even with just one picture. The question is what can we consider a reportage or a documentary picture? Photojournalism (that I did for few years) have its own rules to be able to sell to newspapers or magazines. But talking only photographically, every story of any subject can be documentary, in my opinion, if that story tells something we know or we would like to know and if the story is taken with either intimate or shouting pictures that have the ability of giving us emotions and rational.

Photographer: Paolo Saccheri


marcin said...

Paolo, you are my brother in train travelling :)

f. skott said...

Nice pictures!

Mikael said...

Nicely captured by an sensitive eye and mind!

jeanne said...

I must say that often I do not like series of photographs, because they are weak individually and the photographer tries to give them strength by putting them together.

That is not the case with these -- each one is a perfect jewel. Nicely done :)

Rhonda said...

I think it is a good thing to discuss what exactly a documentary photo is...either way these are excellent photographs in any genre.

ulf said...

Fine work Paolo
Love it!