03 May 2008

invited guest: Anke Merzbach

I am very proud to present the strange photographs of the artist Anke Merzbach; one of the most interesting german contemporary photographers! Please also visit her homepage, filled with fascinating pictures.

Ausbruchversuch ©Anke Merzbach

Fischbauch ©Anke Merzbach

SOS ©Anke Merzbach

©Anke Merzbach

©Anke Merzbach

Invited by Fredrik Skott


Anonymous said...


jeanne said...

Fabulous! Thank you, Anke.

ulf said...

It´s a great selection from your work. I visited your site too and I find your work interesting and excellent. The first picture here with the girl trying to break out (break through) is very strong and appeals to me a lot. Thanks for sharing your photos on the F Blog.

Rhonda said...

Wow...absolutely amazing! So glad to see your work here and on your site!

f. skott said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures.

Have you seen the Swedish photographer Helena Blomqvists photos; I think you would like them. If you wan't look at the "All invite guests - The complete list" to the right here on the blog. There you can find a link to Helenas pictures!


chris said...

This is wonderful and and very inspirational! I must go check your site out!


beatriz said...

wonderful creativity and personal vision. !!!