02 May 2008

Invited Guest: Wallace F. Rollins

Since we have been discussing the 'moment' in photography, I thought it was time to introduce my first invited guest, Wallace Rollins.

In my opinion he is a master of the moment. He has been documenting moments of American life for over 50 years. He has been my photography mentor, teacher and friend for the last few years.

He began taking and developing pictures when he was 12 years old. Years later, he served in the U.S. army and then returned to civilian life to finish college and become a psychologist.

But photography has always been a constant in his life. So, in 1968, he became a freelance photographer in and around Washington, D.C. His photography encompasses varied subject matter from advertising, fashion, portraits, general commercial, journalistic and artistic.

His own artist statement is brief and to the point. His photographs speak for themselves:

"I see things. I photograph them. I am primarily interested in
preserving the past, unadorned and unembellished."

Wallace now lives and works in Chattanooga, Tennessee. More of this series and Wallace's other photos can be seen here.

All photos ©Wallace F. Rollins
Invited by Rhonda Prince


ulf said...

Oh yes, this is great. I remember seeing some of your pictures Wallace and I really like what you are doing. It´s a great pleasure to have you here - and what a surprise to know that you live in Chattanooga.
It´s over midnight in Stockholm, but I will come back and have a closer look tomorrow. Many thanks for sharing your work!

jeanne said...

Good to see your work again, Wallace, and to hear a bit about your life as well.

Anonymous said...

fantastic pictures!
- f.s.

mikael said...

Yes, I like uor work very much, a story in each one of them and great to see you here

Anonymous said...

Frozen moments…frozen time...for the future !


beatriz said...

nice to see your work on F blog! great photos, classics and meaningful!