27 May 2008

Who is?

Ljuset där du går...!


Anonymous said...

At last, dr Tarkini!


- f.

Anonymous said...

and nice picture, very nice.
with a familiar bridge in the background.

- f.

F said...

Great picture!

Is it Markus?


beatriz said...

is it f? is it u? is it the prof? I only know that it is a very nice photo!

pseudonym said...

now where are getting somewhere
said the Pseudonym

Ulla said...

It is Markus as a musician a cellist perhaps. Great picture!

Dr Schnabel said...

A tripod, what a shrimp! In my youth I had PopEye arms and held my good old Sinar barehanded...Steady as a rock!

-Bah youth of today...shrimps all of them.

Very nice documentary of the degeneration though!

/Dr Josef Schnabel

dr humla said...

A tripod you say
I thought he was practising pole vault for the Olympics
oh yes, tripod
iPod is even better!!

Per-Arne said...

A tripod can be a decisive and documentary tool in front of the motif. Yes you start from there. på något sätt en väg av flera ;)!