27 May 2008

Docu 08: the Pope in Genova

Last Sunday I was walking with my camera in the historical center and found a strange empty city. The fact was that the Pope was in Genova and also it was lightly raining. I walked up to the cathedral, close to my home, and found some people waiting for the pope. But not many like I expected.

I send you my view of what happened then. Not an event, just people happily waiting, the Pope arriving and waving few seconds toward the small crowd, going into the cathedral to get out after a little time. Then going fast into his “papamobile” toward the location where most of the people were waiting for him, sitting or standing with their own ticket to be there! Nuns and privileged hosts exited the cathedral.

A young girl arrived too late with her flag and her map.

Text and photos: © Paolo Saccheri


ulf said...

a good story
i like the appearance of the pope at a distance waving with a white umbrella(?)
so surreal-so real

Rhonda said...

these are lovely, Paola, quiet and reverent...like a pope's visit should be!

beatriz said...

very fine work and a different way to document a pope's visit. not the usual throngs of people, security, and cars. excellent!