19 July 2008

Docu 08: Kiviks marknad

"Kiviks Marknad” is the most well-known annual summer fair of Sweden attracting about 100 000 visitors during a few busy days in July. The market was probably set up already in the 14th century but the goods traded have of course changed.

Benny Persson, our friend from Blekinge sent these great impressions of this year’s fair that was held 14-16 July.

Kivik is a beautiful place in Skåne(Scania). People coming from Scania are called "skåningar." The legendary Mr Urbano, who is a "skåning", was in fact born not far from there. And for you camera freaks out there - Benny's camera is called Horizon.
Photos by © Benny Persson


Hugo said...

What kind of camera was used for these? Xpan?

beatriz said...

interesting and nice view with panorama. !!!

Anonymous said...

no Xpan , but a Horizon 202



Mikael said...

Well I´m a sucker for wideangle so i cant help loving these, they also tell a great story through the lens.

Gotta get me one horizon ;)

altnőder said...