20 July 2008

Sustainability Experiment - DOCU 08

In the 70's an idealistic couple, their retired parents and their two small children came to the Sequatchie Valley area in Tennessee and formed a 300-acre homestead. Moonshadows has evolved into a model for sustainable living and an educational organization called Sequatchie Valley Institute (www.svionline.org).

This is Carol Kimmons, one of the founders, conducting a tour about edible wild plants.

Recently Moonshadows offered the use of some of their land to a group of young couples who felt inspired to create an eco-village called Satya Village (named after the Hindu word for Truth). This band of modern-day pioneers live in army tents, tipis and campers. They raise organic vegetables, chickens and goats. They have added outhouses and showers (cold water only) and cook their food on woodstoves and propane campstoves. It is a hard and difficult life, but one they feel committed to pursue.


beatriz said...

beautiful docu!!! interesting experiment in sustainability. thank you, Rhonda.

Anonymous said...

People are different....for some this is Heaven...for others Hell !!


mru said...

It´s like revival of the 70's, when there was this energy crisis (oil?)
Finally there was a lot of oil. I don+t remember how that happened. But this time it could be for real. So better be prepared...wise people.

chris said...

Thanks for the photos and the blog writeup!

Y'all be sure to check out our schedule of events, workshops and tours... we love visitors!

Anonymous said...

I know these fabulous souls and they are the real deal. Creating sustainability and homesteading it for real (not sitting in air conditioned suburbia and working on weekends) They realize that Mother Earth provides all we need and to thank her by treading gently is such a gift to all of us.
I admire them and the work they are doing!!