16 July 2008

talking about photography: Rencontres d'Arles (docu08)

Joni Karanka: Photographs of Night of the Year, last friday night in Rencontres d'Arles. The streets of the city centre of Arles and thecloseneighbourhood of La Roquette were full of people and open airslideshows. Drinks and food were present everywhere, and the squareswere full ofpeople dancing. It was really busy, and by that I meanthousands and thousands of people walking the streets at night andsitting down here andthere to look at photographs displayed in themost unexpected corners of the town.

Joni Karanka, our invited guest, master of taking pictures in the night, deliver us a series of photos from the famous Rancontres d'Arles. It's all about photography. It's all about dailylife :) Stay tuned for more pics&words about Arles. /joanna

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urbano said...

what energy!
photography rocks!