03 August 2008

Summer Solstice

Everything that has passed has fittingly passed.

You travelled

on one side the sun at its grandest

don't drown the poem

everyone sees visions

Summer solstice

your life is what you gave

the warm water reminds me each morning

Photos © Alek Lindus
Words from poem by © George Seferis


Anonymous said...

This is a brilliant series
thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Very beautiful and interesting!
I have to use google.com and now I know more about G.Seferis.

Anonymous said...

A pleasure for the eye and soul !


Anonymous said...

I have never been on your blog.. you have a poetic universe, clever, simple where we can thought a lot (excuse me my bad english.. I am french..and you know ..;);)
I find you site by Cool Photoblog.sure, i will be back on your site
flo g

Rhonda Boocock said...

wonderful series...hope we see more of your photos here!

Anonymous said...

- f.

Anonymous said...

thank you

Mikael said...

Amazing photos indeed!

Anonymous said...

A true poem.