01 September 2008

Invited Guest: Alek Lindus, Greece


many things through many images

few things through few images

few things through many images

many things through few images [artemidorus - the oneirokritika]

time is contained in the space between frozen moments, it need not be linear, it need not be known like that any longer. Even as story lines are being suggested organically in cinematic terms these days, the word line is becoming irrelevant. in a photograph the past the present and the future can combine, in a series of photographs

the spaces tell stories.
its an exploration of this notion

These pictures are a continuation of Alek's Summer Solstice series. The first part of the series is here

Photos © Alek Lindus

Invited by Rhonda Prince


Rhonda Boocock said...

the kind of pictures that get under my skin and stay for a very long time...thank you Alek for letting us share your work on the F-Blog!

Chris said...

Second from the top is my favorite.
Thanks for sharing!

Mikael said...

Indeed they tell a story and much to imagine with, as rhonda said, photos that crawl beneath the skin and stays there

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am very impressed by Alek Lindus photography