29 November 2006

Invited Guest: Maleonn Ma

Those photos are from the albums: X of my life, The portrait of Mephisto, The fairy story of my life, My horse, My Circus.

Maleonn Ma, a photographer, short film editor, film art director, graphic designer.....and so forth, started to photograph stills for only two years ago. He´s born in Shanghai in China 1970. Since he started to post his photos at photosites on internet i have admired his fascinating photos - the images make me think of a teather scene and all images are full of storys, symbols, metaphores and are surreal and dreamlike. I always find something new in them and never get bored to return to the "jewels".

Therefore i´m glad to present his work here today.

Maleonn have exhibited his photography at Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjing, Lianzhou, New York, Hongkong, San Francisco, Singapore and Toronto. Before he start shooting he write extremely detailed plans, and make some rough drawings which - as he says - is a good habit from his director career. He reads and travels a lot to search his themes.

Maleonn says: - /"I´m unwilling to consider myself as a traditional photgrapher like nobody in the photography association would notice my existence. Still, I hate the photography vest and what that represent is the most plebian part in photgraphy. But I have to say that now I´m truly falling in love with taking pictures.

I have been shooting and have completed over three hundred pieces of works in these two years in a intricate way. Gradually I´ve addicted myself to this pleasure of continously creating and expressing. Although there´s some more realistic adversity appears in my life which was unusual for me. My spiritual life become more and more funny, and no longer obsessed in the disappointment to myself. That was the time i felt I´m living actively, and the word "Self" came back again into my language. That´s the most precious gift that the matter of taking pictures gave me.

I always hope my camera and I to be more simple and don´t have to carry any sense of suffering. There´s no longer any pedestalled icon in this age. The actual being of those so called photography against this untrue world has already become suspicious. That means no matter how pretentiously I consider my photographs is, my pictures can only be little fable finally, or just an inexprected performance, that´s all. What I desire is the applause and the smile of the audience, the curtain call or an encore of. All is that simple, no nice"./

This is a part of the preface from Maleonns book. So far only sold in China, but let us hope it shall be sold internationally or over internet as well.
You can see more of Maleonn Ma´s work here

Invited by Jeanette Hägglund


Exposed Material said...

Brilliant work, Maleonn! We should have a book shop here on the F-blog, I would have ordered your book then! These images will definately find a place in my cerebral cortex.

Fredrik Skott said...

Yes, this is truly wonderful photograph's. As Abeku I would also have bought your book if it was possible. Thank you very much for showing your beautiful pictures on The F Blog.
- f.

Anonymous said...

o wow, Maleon - it has passed some time, till I watched your pictures - you have really developed in fantastic way. Pleasure to have a chcance to view part of your world.

Anonymous said...

Different from everything else so far on the F blog. Great quality, too. Symbolic and ambiguious at the same time. Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

very interesting stuff that I can watch a long time finding new
stories each time
great work!

Anonymous said...

surrealistic! i just love the second and third!! :)

Jeanette said...

AS you already know Maleonn, I appreicate your work a lot and continue return to them...


F said...

Excellent and higly imaginative photography!

Thanks for sharing with us!