14 January 2007

invited guest David Björkén (the sofa)

I am glad to publish pictures by David Björkén at the F Blog. He sent me
some "lone stars" and I will post them one by one to give each picture
the attention it deservs. The first one is stuck in my mind forever. I
associated it with the film Diva.
invited by ulf fågelhammar

A sofa. Like a monument from past times. A time of life and movement.
All signs of that are inexorably removed by time itself. Now there is
only eternity

Malmö 2005, ©David Björkén

see more pictures by David here.

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the beach
the lake
the bridge
work bench


christofer said...

Another great one! The light is really good in this one, giving it the atmosphere.

I like it.

Rhonda said...

such a mood...can't stop coming back to this one!!!