14 January 2007

Jacek Gąsiorowski


Anonymous said...

Excellent Jacek.

Sort of emotional minimalism that I appreciate alot!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes color is necessary, like here. What a beauty!

Fredrik Skott said...

very interesting photographs. especially the last one. i am very intersted to see more of your work. is it possible somewhere at the internet?

Anonymous said...

pleasure to see your photos here, again!!!! :)
may i say i love those middle one the most? amazing series!

Anonymous said...

very fine pictures
this could well be from the Baltic sea
I am thinking of the beaches in Skåne
(you know where skåningar live)

Anonymous said...

thank you for those nice feedback ;), my website available by linked my name in this post, yeah this is a Baltic cost at the end of sunny september, two weeks before I was visiting Stockholm and Kolmarden in the Sweden, amazing is on the Swedish coast, the sea looks like a lake ;), please forgive me my non grammar english ;)

F said...

Oh my god, this was strong. The photos smell lovely, and I can feel the free fresh air flowing. Almost dream like, to me.