25 January 2007

my meetings with Ryszard Kapuściński…Sweden

those meetings were multidimensional, sometimes I wasn’t even aware I was meeting him in a way. Somehow I was following his way, also in geographical aspect. During a week in March 2006 while Gruppo F organized F12 exhibition in Stockholm – Mr. Kapuściński was just there. You may find some marks of his visit in Swedish papers from this time ie in SvD and in DN.Kultur


ulf said...

Yes, what a story this is Marcin.
Kapucinski is present at the F Blog
too which makes me glad to see.

matthew said...

There are energies moving beneath the fabric of contemporary robotic consciousness. Startling that you realize what & who you've tapped into, Marcin...although, being an avid student of your photographic work, maybe not so startling at all.

Jeanette said...

NIcce portrait Marcin :)